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  1. Zacey

    Important Changelog - 7/14/19

    All these changes can also be found on our Minesharp community discord. In-game: Skyblock Skyblock token shop changes Fixed the Platform-wand in the "Power Items" category. ( You will now recieve the item & the price is corrected ) Fixed so you get item(s) "PajAs SwRd", "EPIX ROD", "Gimli's...
  2. Zacey

    The Purge!

    Hey guys, The Purge yesterday was awesome! I got a few screenshot, I had lots of fun and I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did. Also I hope you guys got the rewards you wanted from the purge crate, here are some screenshots of yesterdays event: Also, #blamefawks Can't wait for the...